Absolute Core Strength Neuro Muscular Strength Part 2

Neuro-Muscular Strength Class Two – ABSolute Core. Are you Abs as strong as they look? Do you want to Carve Abs of Steel and have incredible core strength too?   In this class learn – The Back Pressure Crunch – The crunch digitally re-mastered! Turn your core ON with this simple yet highly effective abdominal drill that creates a virtual belt around your waist. If you want a concrete core and to send your strength through the roof learn how to brace the ABSolute Core way + learn unique variations.


CompleteStrength TV – Martial Art & Fitness

Roku Channel and Web On-Demand

Published just over a month ago with over 8500 installs CompleteStrength TV on Roku. CS-TV is now coming to your web browser with ON-Demand live streaming.

You will have access to martial art documentaries, instructional videos, fitness information, videos on martial art styles and more. Check out the channel preview below.

Roku is the simplest way to stream entertainment to your TV. You have access to 1000’s of free and paid channels, + Netflix, Stan, Amazon, Hulu etc. and of course access to CompleteStrength TV.

If you are a fitness, martial arts or yoga trainer and want your material to be part of CompleteStrength TV contact me personally via messenger.

He is a screenshot of the CS-TV On-Demand Website

He is a screenshot of the CS-TV On-Demand Website

Check out the Roku Channel. I had to film this on the TV. Hence why it doesn’t look super clear