Under The Rope

- 'Under The Rope' is a short documentary about inspirational female Muay Thai fighter Sylvie Von Duuglas-Ittu and the story of how a feminist from the U.S.A. fell in love...

Demonstration from the Neuromuscular Strength Seminar

When you know how to tense and integrate every muscle in your body you can do amazing things

Taming the Dragon Flag

The dragon flag or clutch flag was popularised by the late Bruce Lee. It's an excellent exercise for the entire body.

CompleteStrength Kettlebell Clip 2010

Check out this clip from 2010. You'll see me in my old backyard swing and snatching.

Instant Strength Boosting Techniques – Part 1

Neuro-Muscular Strength training: Instant Strength Boosting Techniques - Part 1 Watch and discover how to instantly boost your strength, develop a rock hard midsection and powerful legs. Watch and learn as...

Absolute Core Strength Neuro Muscular Strength Part 2

Neuro-Muscular Strength Class Two - ABSolute Core. Are you Abs as strong as they look? Do you want to Carve Abs of Steel and have incredible core strength too?...